Creating Sustainable Values in Human Life
through Convergence of AI, IT, and Bio
College of Information & Biotechnology


Students are studying and researching to combine AI technology and data in various industrial fields such as info-communication, semiconductor, life science, medical service, manufacturing, and so forth to prepare for a new industrial era.

  • AI and data-driven training, research, academic-industrial collaboration hub
  • Assurance of excellence research through interdisciplinary convergence research
  • Cultivation of creative convergence talents to lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Main industry innovation & new industry creation in domestic and the southeast region
  • Maximization of members’ happiness and potentials


  • Cultivation of convergence talents through interdisciplinary convergence courses development & education
  • Cultivation of problem-solving project-based creative talents
  • Cultivation of self-directed talents through the activation of convergence topic study groups
  • Cultivation of excellence education by attracting the best faculty and outstanding students
  • World-class core source technology research in AI, IT, and Bio fields
  • Activation of interdisciplinary convergence research connecting with AI research
  • Practical research for problem-solving in data-driven fields
  • Innovation research in main local areas – manufacture, mobility, healthcare, etc.
Industry & Start-Up
  • Building of academic-industrial collaboration and new business support hub through AI innovation park
  • Enforcement of primary industries in the southeast section through smart manufacturing innovation
  • Fostering new local industries – smart mobility, etc.
  • Fostering medical service and bio-health industry in the southeastern district based on smart healthcare center
  • Enlargement of a global network through international collaborative research and world-class staff attraction
  • Cultivation of global talents through overseas internship & challenge support
  • Structure of AM Hub & World Economic Forum based global manufacturing innovation hub
  • Enforcement of international collaboration activity in a digital healthcare field