정보바이오융합대학 교학팀의 정보 제공
Position Name Affairs Detailed Work Tel Email
Team Leader Jung Dae Park Director Directing, General Manager 1840 [email protected]
Staff ImKyoung Jin Academic Affairs 1.Academic Affairs (Faculty HR) – Tenure/Promotion/Renewing/Evaluation
2.International Research Interchange
1841 [email protected]
Staff Eun Jeong Kwon Planning
1.Planning, Budget
2. College Statistics / Performance Management
Staff Areum Yang Researcher HR
Public Relations
1.Researchers HR -Recruitment/Renewing/Contract Management
2.Public Relations, Cooperation
3.Event, Homepage Management, Information Security
4.General Affairs
1844 [email protected]
Staff Solip Kwon Research PL 1.Research Support
2.Research Invigorating
3.Total Research Management/Coordination
4.National R&D Project Supporting
1843 [email protected]
Staff Heejeong Ryu Educational Affairs 1.Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Health Science and Technology
2.Educational Affairs, Graduate School Admissions
3.UNIST HST-University of Ulsan College of Medicine Program Management
1845 [email protected]
Staff Sohee Park Educational Affairs 1.Department of Design, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Graduate School of AI
2.Educational Affairs, Graduate School Admissions
3.International Exchange
1846 [email protected]
Staff Yoon Jung Lee Educational Affairs 1.Department of Electrical Engineering & Department of Industrial Engineering
2.Educational Affairs, Graduate School Admissions
3.Student Support
1847 [email protected]