Date Department Title Attach
2023-10 24
Biomedical Engineering Suboptimal Paths in Medicine
16:00 110-N104 Prof. Min Hyuk Lim / UNIST, HST
2023-10 12
Biological Sciences Decoding Exercise at Molecular Levels and Health
16:00 110-N104 Hyeonwoo Kim, Ph.D. / KAIST
2023-10 31
Biomedical Engineering 3D Imaging and Optogenetic Pacing of in Vitro and in Vivo Model Systems
16:00 110-N104 Chao Zhou Ph.D. / Washington University in St.Louis
2023-09 21
Biological Sciences Unravelling atopic dermatitis and psoriasis using single cell Rnaseq
16:00 110-N104 Seunghee Hong Ph.D / Yonsei University
2023-09 26
Biomedical Engineering Robust and scalable single-molecule protein sequencing with fluorosequencing
16:00 110-N104 Jagannath Swaminathan Ph.D / Erisyon
2023-09 19
Biomedical Engineering Scalable single nucleus RNA sequencing of heavily-fixed or FFPE tissues by fixative exchange (FX)-seq
16:00 110-N104 Chang Ho Sohn Ph.D / IBS
2023-09 07
Biological Sciences Regulation of sleep homeostasis in distinct neuronal population by kinase signaling pathway
16:00 110-N104 Staci Jakyong KIM Ph.D / University of Tsukuba
2023-06 08
Biological Sciences How does integrin tension affect the onset of diseases?
16:00 110-N104 Byoung Choul Kim / Incheon National University
2023-05 25
Biological Sciences Role of PD-1 in regulatory T cells in tumor microenvironment
16:00 110-N104 Sang-Jun Ha, Ph.D. / Yonsei University
2023-05 23
Biomedical Engineering Evidence for forward and reverse aging via epigenetic manipulation
16:00 110-N104 Jae-Hyun Yang, Ph.D. / Harvard Medical School